pic: 610 Flux Capacitor (after teaser 2)

Is that really going to go on your bot? If so it might be against the rule of objects that change colors, It does look cool though.

What is that thing? In the thumbnail I thought it was some sort of tie dye thing, but upon closer inspection it appears to be moving or something…? I probably should know this but I dont.

I bet it’s something weird, with photoshopping to enhance it’s oddity.

It looks just like what a potholder would look like if I were on an acid trip.

I’ve seen something like that before…it looks like some sort of semi-knitted pad made with thinner string…I don’t know where I saw it…but it’s familiar…WAIT! It’s a part from the Improbability Drive I was working on this summer…you stole it didn’t you???
As for the swirlies, most definately not a Photoshop effect…that’s a twisting effect that space generates around parts of that complexity.

Hmm…does Exide make 1.21 Gigawatt batteries?

im thinking somew sort of mylar or mirrior, or jus something reallly polished. and cnc’d with theswirly thing.

You are getting sleepy…very sleepy. You will listen my voice and only my voice. When I snap my fingers you will think you are Dean Kamen…Snap :ahh:

Looks cool though :rolleyes:

Wayne Doenges
CAD Mentor

Nice picture.

According to the EXIF info, it was done with Photoshop CS.

You can see, that the, swirly part has had a “wind” filter applied to it.