pic: 610 Teaser, A Coyote's brain???

This is no flux capacitor (we couldn’t find a 1.21gV battery), but it may be the brain of our new Coyobot.

This is the taker of that picture here, I was going to do something akin to our Flux Capacitor teaser some years ago, but since this is something useful (yup, we didn’t take some spare cool looking stuff and photograph it this time) we decided to present it to you in it’s completely unaltered form (though we most likely will make some modifications to it’s appearance later)

I havent thought about this for very long, but are you using a chiclet (normal port to USB) converter and then using a USB splitter of sorts to use two control devices on one port (and one chiclet)? If thats even possible, it seems liek that would be a good option. I’d really like to see what that (those) contraption(s) is(are). Wanna show us what it is from a better angle?:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Nice co-processor.

What OS are you running? Open Slug? Debian?

How has the slug been working for you?

What size “disk” have you attached to it?

I was thinking of attaching our’s to our robot, but I haven’t found time for it yet. Congradulations on getting it to work.

AustinSchuh, I don’t know too much about this device, although from our briefing on the weekend, it is running Linux, and has a ~266 mhz processor…woot

AustinSchuh, I believe it’s running Open Slug and were currently thinking of using a 1GB drive.