pic: 610 Teaser part 2

Coyobot 6

Properly photoshopped to keep you guessing.

You might have a small electrical problem there… :slight_smile:

Straight from the boss: :eek:

"Here’s the full explanation, we’ve ‘aquired’ ourselves a flux capacitor (actually, we have two, but we don’t tell our mentors that, they would have deemed it ‘unsafe’) and we had the brilliant idea to attempt to anodize our bot straight on the bench. So we rigged up our charging circuit, we ripped it off the TTC, a couple of hundred volts here, a couple hundred there and we figured, Hey we’re good to go. :ahh:
Well the construction leaders yells, ‘Just GIVER!’, so the electrical team decided it was time to hit the switch.
Lets just say it didn’t work the way we wanted.


Looks like 121’s drive train. Inverted kit chassis with 6 wheels and wedge top belt tread. Very cool picture though, i’m interested in how you created it.

The wonders of photoshop never cease to amaze the masses. That was a side-on picture i took with my Olympus, then good old photoshop, i used the “glowing edges” filter, and then just tweaked the settings.

Either that or you can believe the Boss’s story ^^ and then go look at the Flux Capacitor.