pic: 610 Teaser Part 3

Major Kudos to whoever guesses what this is.

my guess is that it comes from the transmission. as i see in the other teaser.

It is an eye for the CMUcam to limit it’s width of vision.

pillow blocks for the wheels?

Not exactly sure what its used for, but it looks like the ring is made out of teflon to me. Maybe a teflon washer? Again, still not sure what it’d be used for… I know what WE’RE using them for :wink:

Same here, looks kinda cool!

Im with you on this one. That definetly looks like the lens in there. The only thing I question is the weight if they are using pan and tilt servos. We are gonna try to put ours behind lexan, but that looks even better and they wont have to deal with glare and reflections. Assuming that is what that is.

My friends, all of your guesses have been…interesting. Time for a hint. The material you are looking at is Celcon. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, it can’t be teflon, one its too big and two, theres 3 nuts sticking out. Could it be part of a tetra, or a holder for your maniupluator?

Celcon is an “acetal copolymer” apparently. Delrin is another. Delrin is pretty low friction and teams often use it for bearings.

BTW, I’m not sure why you say it can’t be teflon because there is a bolt through it and its big. I’m pretty sure I can drill holes in teflon and get pieces of it much larger than that.

Looks like it is bolted to a piece of aluminum angle that also has mounting holes thru its horizontal flange surface. I would guess that the center hole is just slightly oversized so that a 1/2 or 5/8 diameter shaft can spin freely inside, and this assembly is used as your wheel/axle bearing (or bearing for some other shaft).

Of course this would be a bit easier if the picture were in focus :wink: