pic: 612 as of 2.14.2011

About 98% completed mechanically and electrically. All thats left is to finish the minibot deployment, programming, and bumper.


Welded chassis
AM SuperShifter with 1.2:1 overdrive out of the gearbox (~13.5 fps in high)
6" AM Plaction Wheels with custom 50 tooth pulleys
Synchronous elevator powered by two window motors
Arm powered by one window motor
Claw powered by two 3.87 W servos with a 1:2 reduction
Secret minibot deployment (partially displayed)

Sideways picture :frowning:
How much longer until the robot is complete and ready to drive?

It’s looking good guys!

One minor concern that I have is if that plywood is the assembled backing for your bumpers (not part of your robot’s frame), your front and back bumper look to be violating <R07> D.

BUMPERS segments must have a minimum length of six inches (as defined by the BUMPER backing), and a maximum length that does not exceed the maximum horizontal dimension of the ROBOT (except for the soft cushion in the corner, as permitted by Rule <R07-C>).

Someone call me out if I am wrong. It’s an easy fix and no one wants to assemble bumpers twice.

*I’ll also shamelessly leave this here: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/papers/2437 (Your drive team will thank you)

I don’t think it is because each side will be its own seperate bumper. They are only attached at the end for easy placement in the pit. They each mount seperately and only attach at the corners with angle( which can be removed)