pic: 612 holding two!

612: Semi-Finalists and Chairman Award winners at NASA/VCU Regional holding alliances 12 inches above the ground.

This isn’t from the match with us is it. This is in the Qualification matches, right?

This was our first qualification match on Friday.

vanman you didn’t get to see our ramp in the playoffs because we took it off before the quarterfinals so our driver could see a little bit better

somebody had their head in their shell

plus dont u notice the teams on the alliance?

So why did you guys choose to use the other teams ramps?

because they were a pure ramp robot (and defense) removing the ramps allowed us to score like nothing else thats how we scored ~100 pts in that one match when we put up four or five ringers, it made it easier for the driver to see the tubes and rack

so we could score more ringers while they set up

and lose to your alliance by one ringer :stuck_out_tongue:

well our robot and one of our alliances robot had parts that broke and just couldn’t be fixed in time

You two know that you can edit your posts, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

What would we need to edit?

As an alternative to making a whole bunch of posts in a row, you could just change what you wrote above.

My scroll wheel needs a break!

hahah no we have to get our number of posts up

14th post!

And get this picture to the top of the portal, right? :stuck_out_tongue: