pic: 612 - New Piston for Atlanta

We have been working hard on getting our new piston set up within our given work hours. This is us testing our new piston system. :slight_smile:

Our Previous set up was two 24inch pistons with 2 storage tanks per piston. This worked well in VCU and for portions of Buckeye. Now we are running with just one 24inch piston and 4 storage tanks, seems to work well.

After 6 weeks, 2 regionals and some little extra time our shooter is ready for Atlanta.

Any questions please ask!

We would like to clarify that we are examining improvements we plan to fabricate when we arrive in Atlanta.

We are not fabricating improved components during our fix it window. The wording in my photo may not clearly show that.

Sorry for the confusion.

Although you are not allowed to manufacture upgrade components in the fix-it window following ship date, you are allowed to manufacture improved (upgrade) components in the fix-it following each regional competition. So get building… it will save you time in Atlanta.


<R32> During the “FIX-IT WINDOW” following each Regional Competition weekend: During this period, all teams (not just those teams attending a Regional Competition) may utilize up to 10 hours of FIX-IT-WINDOWS to manufacture SPARE, REPLACEMENT and UPGRADE PARTS and develop software for their ROBOT at their home facility (not at the competition

phew We read our rulebook incorrectly. We only looked at rule <R29>, we didn’t see <R32>

Thanks Mr. Brett!

Good people are very hard to come by and thanks to people like Mr. Brett we all can benefit. This is the reason he won the Woodie Flowers Award. Congratulations!