pic: 612 rollin on 6 inches

These are the new wheels 612 is working on, we plan to have them fabricated very soon we will post the real thing then

Do you plan on having the wheels molded, and then applying the tread material? I assume it is a plastic wheel, based on the colors in the rendering.

Also, I’m assuming that the wheel has a keyway somewhere to be driven off a live shaft? Otherwise, I’d love to see the backside of the wheel to see how you’re attaching a sprocket.

Looks nice! Well done,


bling bling :eek:

nice design; i’ll second the question, are you getting these molded?

How wide is the wheel? Looks like it’s gonna get a lot of traction.
I like it, looks slick.

yeah we are going to be putting a key in, this is just the first thing we could render and post and we are still learning inventor this is the first year 612 has used any sort of CAD and this is one of our first pieces we have drawn we are still working out the details and its going to aluminum any suggestions on how to make it look like that in the picture

3 inches wide

oh and thanks for the feedback guys

I would most likely not use aluminum for that exact design for weight reasons. If you were to keep that style use some sort of plastic. If you use aluminum, you can and should hog out more material.

My team has used aluminum in the past and it seemed to work the best in consideration of weight and sturdiness