pic: 616 Hanging High


During one of our seeding matches yesterday. We have hung from the bar every match and have a 5-0 record going into our last seeding match this morning 3/6/04. We are currently ranked first.

GREAT BOT. VERY GOOD HANGER! You were the first to hang, and the best at it. I can’t wait to see you at champs if you are going!!!

Thanks. I think we hung every match except the very last one when we kept getting blocked. I think the last match for the championship was the best of the day. We lost by one ball. If we had one more second we would have had it. But congradulations to 33 and the other winners. I’m too tired to remember your numbers right now.

P.S. - Did any of Sparky’s members get tired of us yelling - SIX-ONE-SIX - all the time? My voice is almost gone from yelling so much.

Nope. We actually liked the huge numbers. Kinda reminded me of those numbers on Sesame Street that talk and such. I thought you guys were very good and professional when comming to your yelling. Other teams, well, just took our ideas. :wink:

Thanks again. I think next year we will make them out of something other than cardboard. They were falling apart by the last match. I was thinking Lexan but then we would have to paint them or you could see right through them. Speaking of see-through, from where Sparky was sitting, could you see how we were pulling the goal?

Lexan would be very heavy and wobbly, not to mention expensive. Why not foam core?

The Lexan wouldn’t be too bad if we put a stick behind it like we did this year. We just need to find something that can stand being run around with and hit and stepped on and not break.

Yes, that was a very good bot. I can still rember our match on friday, when we got 125. Both of us (616 & 435) were hanging on the bar. That was very exciting.

Yeah - 616 and 435 were a great team. Our 125 stood as the high score for a long time!

If anyone has any questions about any of the features on our robot, please post a reply here and I will answer them if I can.

How much time did u have to practice before shipping

We had a few good practices where we actually got out the robot from last year (SIR II) and ran that on pushing balls and let SIR III from this year run auto, bring the goal back, uncap, fill goal, cap, and hang. We also had 2 HPs throwing balls. We were scoring good in our practices but only got in a few good ones like that.

Most were really just practicing without any balls just capping and uncapping, hanging, and trying to get auto right.

I say we probably had two weeks practice time, but only about 3 or 4 days (3 hours a day) of good practices. I may be wrong, I wasnt there for all of them.