pic: 616 Last Minute Teaser


Our Dunlop Slicks - you’ll have to wait until VCU to see the finished product.

I really like those, stack attack we used goped wheels and they gave us excellent traction. How is the traction on the carpet? Did you have to sand the tire at all to make it rough for better traction?

They were slick enough to drive on the carpet with no modifications.

HA dunlop. we had Pirelli tires on our occra bot this year lol. :rolleyes:
how much pressure are you pumping into those? last year we attempted pneumatic tires but didnt have time to test out the pressures. i would think lower pressure would give more traction but have you tried?

Last year we also had pneumatic tires and tried out the pressures. WE found that if the tire was a little deflated (but not much) that it gave us the best traction

on top of being functional, they look cool.

What you see in the picture is pretty much the same tire we put on, minus a bit due to expected wear and tear.