pic: 617 Inventor Robot

Nice cad!

Does the gripper have any actuators or is it a passive component?

Also, how does the arm move? Up and down that rear rail?

Interesting idea on the drive system. Bevel gears… hmm. Keeps motors from hanging out into center cavity. Cool.

What are the four stiffner plates doing standing upright near the corners?

Be fun to see the real product…


how did u get that drawing from Inventor onto the site?? Help plz.

Nice CAD work!

Those wheels look like Brecoflex-style pulleys–are you going with tank treads this year?

Yup. we have actuators.
The pistons slide arm and a wire is attached to the arm, so after it goes a certain distance, it raises

The robots gonna have tank treads. I haven’t finished making the belt yet, so its not there

The bumpers are gonna be mounted on the plates

& to get the picture on here, I just took print screen and pasted it in paint. It’s not rendered yet