pic: 624: 2 Longs Triple Balance

After attaching our piston, 624 practiced triple-balancing with our 2012, 2011, and 2009 robots: 2 longs and a wide. The 2012 robot (Panzer) was able to successfully push up the other two robots (neither of which were powered on) and balance the bridge in a matter of about 15-20 seconds, with the help of the stinger.

About 1’ of each long robot hangs off, excluding bumpers.

I call photoshop! There’s no way 2 long bots are able to triple balance :rolleyes:

Nicely done! Looks like IRI will be as intense as ever.

Very funny.
The 2009 robot could use bumpers. It looks like you have the space for one set on the left side, but you would need another 4" on the right. I don’t doubt that it’s possible, however.

It has bumpers on.

I only see one side, but I should put my glasses on.

Nice job :smiley:
All you need now is a robot like our with all th weight in the back. We go up first and everyone follows. We hang off just less than half the robot including our bumpers.

Awesome! I can’t believe this actually worked. :eek:

Yep, there are bumpers on both sides. The bumper on the “right” side is just lower. We ziptied bumpers on for spacing purposes, hence the reason they’re at different heights.

Oh there it is! I found it… Sorry about that.

P.S. I have my glasses on now.

I still prefer the New England triple long balance! :rolleyes: :slight_smile:

Looking good 624 good luck at IRI!

It is possible, just ask the guys from 548 and 2054 They did it on the practice field at MSC with 1918