pic: 624: New Stinger

624 added a massive stinger-piston to our tipping mechanism post-season and pre-IRI to more easily facilitate a triple balance. The piston is located on our tipping mechanism that folds out of the robot; thus the tipper must be deployed in order for us to use the stinger.

Fully extended, the piston brings our total bot height to 59.5", making it legal to use on either side of the bridge by 0.5". We’ll pretend we knew fully well when we were attaching this piston we were cutting it so close… :slight_smile:

The piston is quite impressive, actually–when the bot sits on the ground and we deploy the piston, the piston has the strength/capacity to completely lift our robot off of the ground.

Piston specs:
1.5 bore x 14 inches long
Provides an effective length of 10" of extension

Congrats on the new stinger addition.

I’m looking forward to CRyptonite’s first IRI appearance this week !

Looks like the robotics team has finally taken over the Band Hall :eek:

Naw, the band director still has a bad taste in his mouth from when we stole all the band kids for the robotics team years ago. This is the orchestra room. :slight_smile:

That front mechanism looks very similar to 696’s, except for the big piston.

Just a quick note… per R02 this year, your robot can extend past 60 inches during play (up to a maximum of 84 inches), it just has to be 60 inches or less in its starting configuration.

Otherwise, that looks like a nice design - an easy addition to a bridge tipper!

Not when touching the carpet on the defensive half of the field.

The stinger looks sweet. Good luck at IRI. We’ll be cheering for ya.

d’oh, good point. I missed the “either side of the field” part. I guess mentor’s mind’s go off for summer vacation occasionally too :slight_smile: