pic: 624 Presents: Panzer

FIRST Team 624, CRyptonite Robotics, is proud to present its 2012 robot for the Rebound Rumble FRC competition, PANZER.

See you at Bayou and Lone Star.

Awesome looking robot, if this one works as well as your practice/prototype did at the scrimmage you guys are going to have a great season.

Lone Star is going to have some fantastic robots this year and I still haven’t seen what 118 and 1477 are bringing to the show.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at Bayou and competing with you at Lone Star.

This was the most impressive machine at the Houston Scrimmage !

In 2009, 624 had an amazing turreted shooter. 2012 will be no different, Cryptonite will have tough competition at Lone Star this year.

However, PANZER has the skills to win regionals this year.

How much compression is the shooter putting on the balls? And are those 8" wheels?

From the center of the shooter to the inside of the turret is 9.75" with 8" wheels.

That makes no sense. So there is a 1.75" gap between the balls and your shooter wheels? How do they even leave the robot then?

We did base this year’s actual turret design on our 2009 bot, though the shooter/hood are different.

And thanks again for hosting the scrimmage! It was great to see some of the other Houston-area teams.

The competition at Lone Star is going to be tough–agreed. Those two really are keeping under the radar… :wink:

8" wheels = 4" radius. It’s a little over 2" of compression. 9.75" to the axle (center of wheels). Hope that clarifies.

Love the green underglow! :smiley:

Good to see what you all were cooking up this year! Sad we dont get to see each other thought :frowning: Great robot Best wishes in comp.

Cant wait to see you guys at Bayou! Its sure to be fun and the Texas teams do add to the competition significantly

So many Panzers…

Very impressive! You guys stick out in my memory from my visit to Bayou in 2009 before I joined the program. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Bayou left such an impression on us that it’s the first “away” regional to which we’ll be returning. Extremely excited to go back.