pic: 639 and 33 Set the Bar

In the quarterfinals, 639 and 33 were able to win 170-80, setting the competition high score at the Canadian Super Regional. Both robots hung and Buzz got a ton of balls scored.

so 33 can hang now? what an interesting addition since VCU…

what a great move, add a hanging device…

looks like that was an amazing round, from the look of how many balls are in the stationary goals! nice going- seems like everyone’s raising the bar, this years nats should be very difficult.

Those guys were truly amazing. They are my new best friends. Where we failed, they came through. We could not dream of winning without them.

you can just see us on the left side of the picture, i believe this was round 1.3 of the quarter finals acutal semis and we were trying to stop 33 from hanging, or rather at least trying to get up before they did. But awesome job by 33 to get on and for 639 to get onto there as well. We bounced back in the second round by using a similar strategy and prevented 33 from hanging while hanging ourselves, but unfortunately our elevator cable snapped afterwards, and 22 experienced mechanical problems as well. We tried to hold our own in QF 3.3 but going up against such a powerful alliance, well you know the story =D

congratulations 639, 33, and 1112 for your win at CR!

Below is the pic of my reaction, my coach’s reaction, and my human player’s reaction to that match when it was scored… oh yeah, and the reactions of some random folk in the background too :wink: