pic: 6431 robot

Team noktaparantez’s robot for FRC 2017

I see that you are a rookie and will be competing at your first event next week!
I just wanted you to know that you will probably need to modify your bumpers before you arrive, or as soon as you get to the event. The short sections on the front of your robot look to not comply with the 6 inch rule referenced here:

The 6 inches is measured from the frame perimeter, not the edge of the bumper as it looks like you may have done. It is also likely that the inspector at your event will not accept the straps you are using to hold them onto the frame as the mounting needs to be “rigid…tight…robust” Per R-22-G. You can attach a piece of angle metal to the back which then sits on top of your frame, that will likely make a much stronger connection.

Good luck, I hope your first event goes well!