pic: 649 Design

This is Team 649’s robot with the elevator extended; some parts are supressed.

Pretty bloody cool. I’ll be interested to see how you remove the trackball from the lift - I’m assuming that’s one of the suppressed features.
Be careful not to inadvertently cross the finish line while hurdling or placing.

That fork like ball picker upper thing on the front looks familiar…our similar prototype met an untimely end last night when it was driven into a wall.

Definitely needs to be robust :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing!

That’s a concern only when going clockwise (backward) after having already fully crossed the line. You can go partially across a line and then back up without penalty.

No omni wheels?! BLASPHEMY! :ahh:

Cool, looks a lot like our design.

Hmmm, I thought of a similar design, but I didn’t think it would work. . .
I guess it could.

How does the ball fit in the basket?
(our prototype can take a beating it went full speed into a filing cabinet)