pic: 66 robot 'Atlas' wingspan view

Just another view of the 66 robot, this time in a higher quality picture and clearer view of everything. Enjoy!


Very Nice!!! Hope you and your team does well at Great Lakes this year… See you at the competition!

Very nice. We decided not to go for the ramp-provider capability, because we figured other teams would create great ramps. Excellent. See you at Great Lakes!

Atlas? What an outstanding name for a lifting 'bot!

Good job and good luck to you guys.

Very Cool. Good Luck at Regionals :smiley:

We have a bot with the same name =]
And it functions just like yours, only in a different way thoguh

Sweet bot, but I see no arm. Am I just blind or are you guys running without the use of a arm this year? Plus how long are those things?

wow…you could hold both you teamates and the other alliance with that spread.

I love the pneumatic lifters I am seeing this year, and this one looks like one of the best. One thing i can’t tell from the picture is how you get the cylinders to extend straight up without getting in the way. My team struggled to figure out how to do that and I was wondering how you did it.

You’re not blind… there are no arms… thus its peaceful… :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as full length… ~15ft if not more ~7ft a piece

not quite, it can still only hold two because the cylinders act as protection from robots falling off.

During the planning phase, I had proposed and built a VEX prototype of a robot that would stand up like a picture frame before match start (I’ll get a picture up of this, its the same concept). During autonomous the arm holding the bot up would swing up, landing the bot, and then be capable of putting tubes up on the rack as well by driving by. This really got ideas flowing on my team. The pneumatic tubes in this case, start flat at ramp level, and then by the activating of another tube after the robot parks, the large tubes flip up (lever system) and then can be activated to lift the robot up.

Trust me, once you see it, it will all make amazing sense. :wink:

OMG tghat looks very similar to our bots pic team 1448. We had a 10’ wingspan and could lift ovr 400lbs. We won the Xerox Robot innovation Desing award or something like that. look us up.