pic: 662 Arm Controller

This is the box we made to contol our Arm

Sweet idea, what did you use to make the controller.

It appears that they used a stereolithography machine. By the way, it looks great.

I like the colorful buttons, where did you get those?

Stereolithography aka 3D printing is correct. The switches were ordered from Digikey.

Very creative… I like the rainbow button design it is pretty sweet… Matches my snowboard! No but also nice wiring job… that looks like it was a task to wire. Cheers to the electrical division!!

Pretty expensive controller.

Ours is very similar to that, with code presets for the various levels of the rack. Ours however is not in technicolor. Looks great!

This little sucker along with the wrist joints on the arm and the wheel parts netted us the Xerox Creativity award this weekend at the Colorado Regional for how we used the 3D printed parts.