pic: 662 drivetrain wiring almost done


The wiring team is almost done with the drivetrain

wow that electronics board looks roomy. nicely done. whatre the dimensions on that?

Nice, clean, simple setup. Our team, well, we have so many Victors we ran out of real estate on one layer and made a double-decker sandwich-type-thing out of two pieces of plexiglass. Right now, our controls are…at the risk of sounding odd…pretty. Then again, I’m the programmer, so I would think that the brain looks pretty…:smiley:


That frame metal looks really dark,
maybe i’m crazy, but might that be steel?

Looks a lot more organized than ours. Great job guys!


looks nice. Ours dosnt look anywhere as near as nice as yours :slight_smile:

Where’s the battery go :yikes:

steel… (shudders)
well i wouldnt be one to talk this is the first year we have tried a fully aluminum frame, and its turning out well!
now all we need is one o dem’ fancy cnc mills

The battery stands up on the aluminum angle between the maxi blocks and the CIM motor near the top of the picture.

The electronics board is the entire bottom of the robot or about 34x23 minus the room taken up by the gearboxes, CIMs, etc.

Its so clean!!! What method are you using for tensioning the drive chain? In those outer gearboxes, does the chain sprocket drive the axel or is there a gear stage from the sprocket to the axel?

Looks very simple and organized, I’m a bit jealous!!

Very nicely done. Enough space to remedy any sort of wiring problem.

It reminds me of what our electrical team is mounting in the belly of our chassis.

Groovy deal.

The center gearbox drives the center wheel directly. Chains to the front and back drive the front and back wheels directly. There are adjustable idler sprockets in the front and back wheel mounting plates to tension the chains.