pic: 662: Problem?

No, no problem. We were just testing our drawbridge and seeing how it went. Lots of balls everywhere!!!

Is that pneumatics I see? We almost went that route but couldnt due to weight (we’re actually at like 119.2 lbs final weight). I would have liked pneumatics better, more precise then all the sensors we have for the door being up, being down, and the annoying issues with using cables.

Ya, we have 4 pneumatic cylinders… 2 are the rotary actuators, the other 2 are the small cylinders mounted to the bottom of the frame. The last two were a last minute addition (well actually the whole upper assembly was pretty last minute) but the rotary actuators wouldn’t even budge the drawbridge. As far as weight, we are running right around 100 pounds- 98.something last time on the scale- looks like we are going for the steel plate again… lol

Oh yes, and I almost forgot about that, thanks for reminding me Neill. Our whole robot is about 20 pounds underweight. So much for lean, we’re putting steel on that thing like no other :smiley:

Might I suggest using your weight to add higher guards on the sides of the door? It will help protect you from being pushed in, which results in a penalty. I know it was a big concern for us so we added 12inch sides on ours to prevent being easily pushed in.