pic: 675 Eats Well.

Dinner Monday Night. Nobody even touched the pneumatic actuators. I wonder why…

Pneumatic components always give me gas…

I see a caption contest!!

are those mountain dew bottles i see in the background?

empty, yes. That’s the recycling box.

Also: Caption contest? Feel free to.


Er, the recycling box is farther back. Those are the chem goggles. But the recycling box IS full of mountain dew bottles.

You should have seen our pizza boxes. We had two stacks that were about 5 feet tall each. Our team is also OBSESED with Mountain Dew. We had a ton of 2-liters hidden away. It was sweet.

We normally get Pizza, but thanks to one of our mentors/parents (Mrs. Baird) we’re eating a bit better. Also, most of us like Mountain Dew but the parents bring stuff like water and sprite. No complaints, though.

I spy BBQ sauce! lol and the KFC logo, and a can of cashews!

It’s a bad sign when tin snips are provided as a utensil with dinner. :smiley:

I see no problems, it seems to have all the basic food groups: liquid, sugar, sauce, and robotics components. Although the plastic bins might pose a problem.

Chris McKenzie

My teams diet consists of normal pretzels and honey twist pretzels. We go through about 8 2-gallon jugs of them. (these are of course opened with a power drill, bit size 1/2". Many, many donuts of all shape, size and color. The box, opened with snips and assorted multi-tools carried by a teammate and me. Aanndd, many more things, but they arent as fun :]

yeah, we had KFC Snackers for dinner. That and some oriental salad thing with the cashews in it.

I can imagine a robotocist’s food pyramid now, caffiene, sugar, bread, robot parts, plastic…

Really? =p I always eat with tin snips.

for about 15 students and 5 mentors last year be bought probably 10 party pizzas to eat in one day!

Nice, There’s a KFC about a half a mile from where we meet. After the meetings, about a half a dozen of us always go down there. Buffalo Snackers all around!!! 3 apiece. We even have our own spot and a kid designated as refill person. He sits on the inside of the booth near the pop machine and can fill up the drinks without getting up.
How about a KFC sponsorship of FIRST!!!

That’s where you’re wrong. See this thread for details.

Freakin’ Awesome.

We have a KFC that close to us too but even closer is a Jack In the Box. 2 tacos for $1!!! i’m not saying my team goes there but every now and then me and some friends go and get like 20 tacos.:smiley:

I want to start leading exodi to the combination Taco Bell / Long John Silver’s… but I really just wish there was a Chipotle around.