pic: 675 not-so-teaser.

675 got some extra material.

And yes, we’re building two 'bots. The best part about this picture is that the competition 'bot (the one with the motors on it) is already quite a bit further than you see here. And all of it happened today. :wink:

man i am so stoked i finished the electronics on our comp bot and it looks amazing

Looks good! I’m excited to see the 675 folks at the regionals! I think you’ll like what 114 is bringing out this year…

any picrures?

Yep. I’ve already posted most of what you’ll be seeing this year. And one herring, but that’s up to people to find.


I like it for its simplicity that makes it elegant. The use of slotted aluminum for spacing the sheets is a very good idea.

That’s 80/20 you’re thinking of. Huzzah useful stuff! (although it weighs a little bit right now ~55lbs for driving spec)

Forgot to talk a bit about the simplicity: Why over-engineer a chassis when we know it works? It’s real similar to last year, except stronger (egads, that’s a feat!). The extrusion at the back gives us a common mounting point for any and all manipulators (interchangeability egads) as well as simplicity in dismantling the chassis (to get the back panel off, 8 bolts. to get the sides off, 8 bolts & 2 shaft collars. To get the center off, 4 bolts. All of this can be done pretty quickly, too.

MBaker (AKA Otaku)

Nice! As of today we’re at the same exact point you are with your competition chassis. Hopefully we’ll be driving around tonight.

Our chassis is built around the same purpose. The whole thing is only held together with 26 bolts total. We can completely disassemble (and we have twice since last Wednesday) the chassis in about 10 minutes and assemble in just about the same amount of time.

I cant believe how well we are doing this year.
I cant believe we actually have time to build two robots
whether or not we use both the idea still is there and our electronics wow Brian look awesome


Got the 'bot assembled, waiting on manipulators

chassis is complete, electronics, programmed and driving. :wink: