pic: 675 Teaser #1

675’s First teaser. Here’s a hint: It’s a chassis piece.

i know i know it is a …

Nice. I’m guessing we’re going to see a similar system to Gloria, which worked so well?

Yeah. That was the original idea. It’s been a bit modified, but dimensions are the same. The layout is pretty similar to Gloria with 1 or 2 changes, and the execution is also a bit different. You’ll all get to see later, though. :wink:

Anybody who wants to know, the 'bot (even though it’s not assembeled yet) is named GloryAngel this year, in honor of my sister (it’s a long story, basically she got in a car accident and has been in a hospital ever since, she’s a former FIRSTer, PM me if you want more info).

your good lol
similar but modified to suit the game better
i will give more info on it later in the build season

Yeah, I was thinking of posting some more next week, when we have the whole basic chassis built. Manipulator/payload/strategy and whatnot won’t be shown for a while. :wink:

EDIT: Also might I add that this year’s chassis is the same 1/4" - 3" - x" that we used last year. Obviously it works, so why change it?

i like this years mods driving it is going to take to getting use to but yeah it will be fun

Yeah Brian, but what’s FIRST without a little challenge. :wink:

I still think we’ve reached an interesting compromise.

good point it does make it more interesting

chassis rails similar to our design. Very cool

I doubt you can gauge similarity based off of a measurement and two holes…

Now, if you mean materials, that’s a different story. It’s good aluminium. We used it last year on our Rack n’ Roll 'bot, Gloria Machina. That chassis was stupifyingly strong.

I was talking about the material and I assume the arrangement of the frame.

Don’t be so sure about the arrangement. :wink:

But yeah, the material is good stuff.

well thank you for this rare look at a fine specimen of aluminum. I’m sorry i fail to see how this could be either be interesting or remarkable nor can i agree with giving this photo and many others like it this haphazard label of “teaser”

just my 2¢, pardon my irritated sarcasm

We like being secretive. So for right now all you get is a measurement, two slightly countersunk holes, and one very amused 675 member. Within a few days, you might get another measurement, or an interesting angle of some component or something. Those who care can piece the teasers together and get a better idea of what we’re doing. Those that don’t care can just chill out and wait for the completed shots. =p

wow, we go through less painfull methods to show our freshmen who is boss, but do what you want, even if it means hitting them with a 36" piece of aluminum… :slight_smile: