pic: 675 Teaser #2

This is only a little preview but it works wonders :smiley:

Nice use of the Gates belts. We did an off-season project comparing a Gates belt driven robot with a standard #35 chain driven robot. Of course, we were using a four-motor, shifting transmission with AM Plaction wheels on standard FIRST carpet. How silly of us. The belts held up extremely well. Expect a white paper posted soon on the topic.

Yeah that would sound like something silly my team would do. We managed to get one side completely done last night and it works wonders its amazing :smiley:

that is what we did. oh well

Welcome to the belt drive club, my team (612) has been using belts for three years now and still have yet to find another team doing something similar to us until now.

2 teams down, 1500 other teams we need to convert over to using belts instead of chains on the drive train.

YES!!! sweet im stoked. Correction we have 1681 teams to go, it would have been 1688 but First has lost 7 teams this season. LOL good luck this year :smiley:

This year, team 8 is using belts on our drivebase for the first time. Or… rather, a belt.

Sweet can’t wait to see