pic: 675 Teaser 4

Team 675 … yet another teaser!

What could we be doing with all of those?!


The design baffles me a bit, it appears to be like 1/2" thick, which seems way overkill. Seems like the chain would fail far before the webbing of the sprocket would.

Also, Torque = Force x Distance, so the inversely tapering spokes are incredibly inefficient.

Curious to what decisions lead to this design.

i wouldnt trust that sprocket unless it is pretty thick.

That big sprocket is even overkill (we’re hoping) for the load that we will be putting it under … thank you solid works :smiley: It’s pretty thick aluminum and the way that it will be torqued is not in the standard way, which is why we were able to have the spokes be as thin as they are.
Also we were shooting for overkill on the sprocket, because those things weigh about 1.5 lbs each so we thought we might as well put in some redundancy while we’re at it since it’s costing us nearly nothing in weight to do so. :smiley:

Those inverse tapers are for something that we’re doing for our drive which if I remember correctly I haven’t seen done before on a robot. We’re excited to see how it all comes together still.