pic: 675 Teaser

Can someone say rocket ship?!

Rocket Ship.

ooh ooh it looks like the ground plane on the PD between the 12V and 24V power supplies!

Seriously, it looks just like it.

You actually made some sense out of it. Sadly no, but I promise that rocket ship is robot related

I think that the rocket sybolizes that an object (maybe a soccer ball) will shoot out of the robot.

I like where your going with this. but sadly no its more endgame oriented. not kicker.

It shoots a lead weight that wraps around the top crossbeam and then uses a crank to lift the bot off the ground.

Why didnt we think of that?! think Rack N’ Roll. our '07 bot.

Now you got me stumped, hmmm, maybe you are going to use a guitar on your robot? or guitar strings? I joined FRC last year so I’m not all to famillar with previous games.

That would be clever but more for the Rockin’ Bot’s (Team 2035).

search it up on the web.

We had a similair idea to assist robots in getting up to the platform with a ramp like device, similair to 07, but decided it would leave us with no points ourselves in the endgame, and with the assumption with any robot worth going to the finals would have a decent endgame. If this is what your doing.

. . .You have left be mind-boggled. I have to think

but a ramp bot is a great cooperation bot, and it could make an alliance that doesn’t have endgame bots but great offense/defense bots work.

Just to make sure, I’m assuming it has nothing to do about the two paragraphs that are on the centre of the rocket shaped board. It saysd something about antibiotcs. It was to messy to make out most of it.

What do you want with a rocket ship? What business do you have on mars…?

I’d kind of really like to know what the text says now…rockets are cool, but robot poetry is better.

Nice fold down ramp.

It looks to me like a polycarbonate box that will cover a winch mechanism.

Good to see at least one team has the guts to be a ramp this year. :slight_smile:

Okay who put wings on the crayon??

Nahh, I’m not sure its a ramp… it doesn’t look like its got the structural integrity for it… course it might not be done, so you might surprise me! Also, when you do out the geometry for the size restrictions, ramps are kinda hard to do practically. but again, I always love to be surprised with clever designs!