pic: 675 Teaser

Look nice?

99 cents a foot

is it for a conveyer belt?

Or maybe for a helix set-up

Actually when we bought it we knew it would work with either the helix or the conveyor belt idea, which were the final two designs before we selected our final design similar to our aim high bot it should answer your question

whats a helix set up?

A corkscrew type design with an auger in the middle of a cylinder and the ball travels up, for example 971 did one in 06 also youtube it

Also we got around 200 feet of it in total.

thx for the clairification. and see u at san diego

Actually we dropped out of San Diego. Our team was going to do two regional this year but our traditional regional was put 2nd on the list of the team (SVR) so we went to the waiting list, so its SVR and SAC, I personally think San Diego would have been fun ill be watching and good luck to you as well in comp.

Thanks for the compliment, but our 06 “Gumball machine of doom” actually used just a gravity fed helix to get the balls down to our scoring mechanism. For an example of an auger, look at 233’s 2006 robot

No problem, i mentioned auger because that was what we were going to do, I got my design from your '06 design so much obliged it was very nice. But there is a team on youtube that had the auger effect down to a science.

How come 190 is not attending SVR this year?

It’s the wrong week for us. Our school schedule is shifted over a week from normal. Because of the way the breaks line up, we have to attend a week 2 and week 4 regional. We are also unable to attend Manchester in week 1 like we usually do.

ah. Dang that sucks Im sure ill miss you at SVR you guys are cool. Hope it goes well for you this year

no no no $38.10 per 50ft. you got to know how to shop around! its a shame it dosent come it yellow. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha or for our certain situation right around 198 plus tax