pic: 694 after many practice day changes

This is the robot after a lot of time spent changing him around to run smoother than he did at NYC. We changed the entire backing of the conveyor from a set of rollers with poly cord like in the front to a funneling half pipe shaped for the ball. We also added 2 pneumatic pistons near the front, our stingers. They worked every single time we deployed them making the Coop bridge so easy. They even made the triple balance happen instantaneously even though we have a long robot.

Our right eye was also signed by Woodie Flowers, who I caught just in time on the side of the field as we were starting a match. Wildcard!

We’ll be getting Dean to sign eye 2 at Nats.

At the first glance it sort of looked like the same robot I saw at New York but it was anything but that, your performance throughout the competition with that new Robot was so impressive!

Also I was waiting the entire regional to see you guys use your stinger, finally in the eliminations I got to see it when you guys performed that triple balance, it certainly came in handy and it was amazing, especially considering your opponents! You guys definitely showed your stuff out there. Oh and congrats on winning Chairman’s, you guys deserved it, are you going to St. Louis now?

We did use our stingers before elims (our first coop bridge balance, actually!) - it proved to be a real game changer, but gave us a lot of stress when we realized we didn’t have any spares on hand going into elims. Fortunately, we managed to get a different cylinder from GUS and make an adapter for it, even though we ended up not needing it.

Finally getting a one-up on the Bobcats (who, combined with GUS’s amazing robot and Techno Ticks’s driving made for some seriously scary competition) was really exhilarating - we’ve faced them and lost to them far too many years during quarters, but their win was well-deserved.

As for St. L, of course we’re going; Joebot is going to be new and improved - again - so expect to see an even greater performance from him there. Here’s to hoping we get to play matches together at some point there! :wink: