pic: 694 StuyPulse 2017 Teaser

Brilliant way to funnel the balls and to have them turning over from being stuck! Good luck this year!

Very cool, look forward to seeing it in person at South Florida.

So, how well does it work?

In theory, it should be jamless. Prototype held true to that. We’ll see how it actually goes over the next few days.

Awesome! You guys rocked last year, I hope the same success to you guys this year. I can’t wait to see it at SF :slight_smile:

We built a feeder that is nearly identical conceptually to this one. I think it works quite well!

I love the impeller design! I’ll be very excited to see it in action. Do you have a floor intake for either fuel or gears?

We do not have a floor intake for either fuel or gears. We will be utilizing the human player station and the hoppers (primarily the human player station) to get our gears and fuel. We didn’t have a passive intake for fuel as we were moreso emphasizing gear cycles and will be able to transition to shooting when we find it unlikely to get a rotor going.