pic: 694 StuyPulse

This is Michael 1, team 694’s 2009 robot.

Looks to be another great bot from Stuy. What’s the ball capacity of that thing? Can’t wait to see you guys play.

We can hold about 25 balls in the hopper.

We can hold 25-30 balls depending on whether we load from the ground or from the human player.

Nice job guys, what kind of autonomous do you have working?

Well, my prog team wouldn’t be too happy if I revealed their work just yet, but I will say that we made huge progress this year in programming.

I love the face decals.

I am the director of programming on 694… contrary to what Seth seems to think, the prog team is both gracious and professional. :stuck_out_tongue: We got hung up in the beginning of the season setting up the new control system. Most of us are Linux/Mac users, so the switch to windows was a bit… harsh… That said, I think we managed to produce one of the better autonomous routines of our team’s history.
Without revealing any real details: We don’t use the camera to score during autonomous. We decided instead on just driving around and strategically placing our bot for the start of teleop.
As for the camera, we were experimenting with driver-feedback for aligning our dumper with opponent trailers. Not sure if this will be working by competition though!

Best of luck at the regional!

FINALLY somebody put teeth on their intake mouth. :smiley:

Looks great. Good luck with your software work.