pic: 694's robot Joshua

Our 06 Robot

Ah a new robot. Can’t wait for competition.

Looks familiar… :stuck_out_tongue:

I love it. What are the brushes made from? Or what kind of brushes are they and where did you get them?

I like the look–nice and clean with a bit of flair on the top.

How do y’all plan to get balls out after the match?

The brushes are from McMaster. Look up strip brushing. McMaster has everything it seems if you just look. They come in lengths as long as you’d like.

Just some of the specs of the bot. We can collect balls off of the floor using a spinner on the front(that also has brushes on it!, we used hairbrushes and cut off the handles). It can be reversed to shoot balls into the corner goals. We can store approx. 20-25+ balls in our spiral. We can store more in the loose space up top so it can be as many as 30+ but I don’t expect we’ll need that. For those of you who don’t recognize the dust buster design(Thanks Techno Ticks!) the brushes spin in the center pushing the balls up the spiral. If a ball gets to the top the brushes will just brush past it allowing us to collect them either high up or down low depending on our next move. The brushes can also push the balls into the shooter which is mounted up pretty high.

Our drive system is a single speed tank tread setup. We have a very, very high coefficient of friction(Brecoflex Supergrip) and will be nearly impossible to push, although I’m sure somebody will manage it. We can also get up the ramp relatively easily due to the majority of our robot being less than an inch off the ground.

Our auto code still needs some work and there were some modifications being worked on after this picture was taken.(You might see a minibike motor replace the FP on the shooter.) See everybody at NYC and Hartford, should be a blast!

We cut holes in the side of the spiral. We then put velcro peices on each side, so we have circles velcroed on, but still not part of the sipral. Thats what those 694 red disks are. We just remove those and pull those out. Well you can’t see all of them, but there are four like it. They also give us the needed team number requirement.

another robot from sty!! lookin good guys! :slight_smile:

yay cheers for brecoflex tracks

Very Cool design! I’m looking forward to watching it in competition,
(I hope you have a shield for the shooter)

Among our other modifications, a guard was put on the front wheel, before we shipped it.

Hmm… where have I seen that gathering system before…?

Oh right! Techno Ticks 2002!

I was 12 when I saw it, so I liked it a lot

Thats partly where we got the concept. Look above, I referenced the techno ticks.

I like the gumball machine with the 7" Gumballs :)…

Good luck guys!


awesome job guys, looks almost exactly like our bot from a few years ago, buster, but then we were picking up soccer balls.

Where do I stick my quarter???

Very interesting looking robot!! A very cool way to store balls especially so they will not get stuck!!