pic: 694's Ultralight Control System

As a 2012 hardware beta team, we get the very latest in control systems from FRC sponsors. Here’s the new cellulose and ink electronics that we’ll be using this year, mounted neatly on a piece of plywood. String will be added soon, replacing traditional cables.

Wow, this is a great idea! use paper footprints and string to “prototype” (get a good lay out) your electronics board!

This is actually a very nice, well thought out layout. Wish we would have thought about it more deeply when making our practice boards.

Oooh, I want one of those new fangled Jaguars with the fancy writing on them!!!

Printed electronics?

No, Sharpie.

We’ve done something similar in the past, although now we typically start with getting possible layouts on a white board, then move on to marking off the area we have to work with and actually sliding the real electronics around until we like how it looks.

For example, this past year height was much more of an issue than horizontal area… we ended up forcing the mechanical team to adjust the drive motors so we could fit some jaguars under them!