pic: 696 - Array of wheels

Array (n.): a large and impressive grouping or organization of things.

nuff said?

Wow those are shinny. Looks good. Are the extra wheels for a practice or are they just extra?

Looks really nice!

I’m reminded of these

I’m curious as to why you made two identical sets. Are you working with another team?

It seems kinda like a waste of time to put so much work into parts that are only going to get used on a practice bot.

I’m asuming you aren’t building a 12 wheeler;) )

It’s not actually all that bad. Considering that theyre done on a CNC mill/lathe, the time to do 6 vs the time to do 12 isnt all that significant. Couple extra hours, maybe.

Ha! Not even. They were run at like 50IPM. I think it was like <8 mins per wheel.

I hope they don’t stay that way. :wink:

<8 Minutes total for each wheel??:ahh: :ahh: :ahh: I know that we take a lot more that that for each wheel.