pic: 696 Circuit Breakers Complete!

Well, here it is in whole. I blurred the faces in case these people didn’t want their picture here. All that is missing from the picture is the lexan cover for protecting the electronics, the air tanks, and a couple tweaks we did on the end effector. It is hard to tell from the stowed position in this picture but this arm has an amazing reach, up to six on the center goal! Also, with six motors, two speeds, and six wheel drive, it drives like a dream!

What do you think?


Can you describe that interesting construction method you use for the arm and tower? Is it sheet riveted to angles to create tube? Why choose this (whatever it is) over stock tube?

The arm is made from either .040 or .050 aluminum sheet (I forget which but it is incredibly thin) formed into C channels. Two C channels are placed over each other and “buttoned up” with aluminum rivets. Anyhow, it came out incredibly light and very strong. We did this because box tubing that large with that thin of a wall is just not available.

Each “joint”](http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35286&highlight=big+teeth) is made from 1/2" aluminum plate, pocketed out to leave only 1/8" of thickness where material is not needed.

what motors do you have in the arm?

The whole robot looks insanely cool. All the gearboxes you showed me look really nice on the robot now. Awesome chasis. I see you also have a mount for the camera. Is your robot able to track a tetra?

Looking good. I love the 6 motor drivetrain.

Are your wheels 1 piece or 2 piece? That conveyor belt stuff works really good also :slight_smile:

The “shoulder” or the arm is driven by a Van Door motor and the “elbow” is driven by a globe motor. The Globe motor is concealed inside the box of the arm. Each motor is geared down 20:1 with a worm reduction.

The wheels are one piece machined from solid blanks of 6" diameter 2" thick 6061-T6 aluminum. Next year we may go to a two piece clamping wheel so we don’t have to put so many screws in the tread to keep it on.

Now i see what that huge gear was for! thats pretty cool!