pic: 696 Numbers

You wouldn't believe how many hours that took with a Dremel!!! naw, j/k. It was lasercut. The picture doesn't do it justice though. The colors are incredibly bright. They are so bright you can't stare at them in a well lit room.

Hopefully the Super Bright Green won’t cause problems with any of the teams targeting. Got to love the laser!

Yeah… on our bot we had some green chicken fencing stuff that was a forest green. Our rules guy said no no and we spray painted it black. I wonder how much leeway FIRST will give on this issue.

To be honest, if those colors are back lit I think you should disable the light. Our camera could not find the goal at 179’s scrimmage 4/5 times. Guess what it would lock on…

Other team’s UNLIT green shirts. Even though they were off the field and unlit, our robot tracked and drove at them… hehe.

Swamp thing themselves are considering whether they can paint their robot green this year (although they have done this since rookie year) because of interference.

Just my $0.02

And this year we’re not breaking the rules! YAY!

Yeah… a colored target on a robot could cause many a troubles for other teams robots are even your own alliance.