pic: 696 -Presenting the HexaMax R2 pic#2

Yes it shifts, yes there are three motors in the gearbox, and yes there are two of these monsters on the machine. Are we crazy, yes, crazy for HORSEPOWER!

It is a constant mesh dog shifting design that utilizes a 3/4" bore .5" stroke pneumatic clyinder for actuation. It runs and shifts like a dream!

Special thanks to Andy Baker and Andy Brockway for inspiration in design.


my my my, that sure is a pretty transmission. Very very nice.

Hope to see it in action at some point.

very nice :]

That gearbox is possibly the nicest gearbox I have ever seen. I didn’t get much of a look at it during the Chatsworth Scrimmage. I really wanna get a closer look at it during LA Regionals. But man that is awesome. How much does it weigh all together?

Thanks! I have to be fair in that if you think this is the nicest, you haven’t seen 968’s. But yes, I am quite pleased with ours. Anyhow, with the three motors it tips the scales at approximately 13lbs per gearbox not including the pneumatic cylinder. Yes it is a large beast but I think (hope) we will have a very hard time breaking it. :slight_smile:

I heart your gearbox, it is absolutely breathtaking. Ours weighed in at 11 lbs…we focused on making it compact. But man…a shifting 3 motor? How fast can you guys go, like 20 feet per second?

Indeed that appears to be one heck of a beast, yet it still is lighter than the Kit Gear Box…I believe…But man that is sweet. But was 968 at Chatsworth?

Thanks for all the complements. One reason it is so heavy is that there is no external sprocket and chain (or other means of) reduction. It is all done in the box. The output shaft of this gearbox directly drives a 5.5" wheel by means of flex coupling. It is geared to run at 15.4 fps and 5.8 fps no load, so we are probably looking at something like 14 fps and 5 fps in reality. What a beast! :slight_smile:

yes we “968” where their at Chatsworth but we didn’t get that many rounds in and we had a few problems to work out but we will be ready for LA

Well Done!

Lots of good ideas, bent sheet metal brackets, cluster motors and the elimination of sprockets and chains. Not to mention dual speed. Time to turn the tables, I cannot wait to see your white paper!

Thanks for the comments Andy. The sheet metal brackets are aluminum just like the plates. The one on the left came out a little off so that’s why it is spaced out with washers. We would have machined mounts but we had enough machine work to do already.

Also, this thing is really big and heavy. Next year we will go smaller and lighter.

As for the whitepaper, expect it mid-late summer. :slight_smile:

I know I said I’d do a whitepaper, but first let me ask. Is anyone even interested? This thing isn’t really all that different from an AndyMark transmission or something like that.

I’d be glad to write a paper if it will be of use, but I don’t want to spend the time if it won’t be of use to anyone.

So, do you want a paper or are the pictures good enough for you? Again, I don’t mind writing one, I just want to make sure some people want me to first.

I’d say go ahead and write it. Nobody has ever complained that someone was to willing to share their knowledge of building robots or their new ideas for anything. I could see another whitepaper as possibly being helpful to rookies or people getting into building their own transmissions.

I’ll read the white paper. And the hopefully reference it whenever I get to that stage. Plus you seem to reference it enough that it would be handy to have. And whoever said too much information was a bad thing?

ive seen alot of work put on drive trains i wish i could see such inovation in electrical systems from what i saw this year i was sadly disapointed

I’m bored so I’m starting on the whitepaper. I hope to get almost done with the writing part of it tonight. Then I’ll have to make all the drawings which will take a while.

EDIT: I got a good amount of writing done, but I am writing a lot actualy and I got tired of doing it tonight. So, I won’t finish the writing tonight. There is still a lot more to go. I’d say expect the paper in a month or so. Maybe sooner, I don’t know.