pic: 696 Teaser 3

parts, Parts, PARTS!


a lot of parts… but, what will we do with just parts??

They are spected to be something??

Beautiful parts at all!!


Clarkies got some nice CNC gearboxes ay?

Nice :slight_smile:

4 gear boxes but only 3 shifters
that means one of them must be for the shooter
since you only have 3 for drive then that must mean your using a shifting swerve/syncho drive :ahh: or maybe a 3 wheel holonomic, but those are less common

two for the drive, one for the shooter to get different positions, and then the last gear box with no shift is for the ball mechanism of scooping/loading. I dont think im wrong here, am i?

oooo, aaaaaa, they’re so beautiful, picks up and runs…jk…lol. nice parts.