pic: 696 - The 1st late night


We had our first late night tonight. We had a lot to do and were really excited (because we’re almost done) so we stayed later to make some more progress.

A couple of our students fell asleep on the job but the one in yellow remained awake and UH OH! Also you can see, just then our teacher advisor was walking in the door. He was less than impressed at the maliciously amateur behavior toward the sleeping students. :smiley:

Additionally, you can see a couple more parts of our robot.

And if you look really closely, you can see our titanium load-bearing transfer flanges. I’m not saying what they’re for.

We had a late night tonight. I helped build from 9 am to 2:30 am. It was worth it though. The late nights tend to get silly and un-focused though. After having two aluminum hooks finished we became pirates complete with the aluminum hook hand, the pvc peg leg, and the the safety glass/electrical tape eyewear, and scrap aluminum swords. Just a tip, pvc makes a horrible peg leg. If I had the picture I’d put it. But I’m going to bed now. Only six and a half hours until our next meeting. I love build season.

Lol! :slight_smile:

Wow, that beats my 8 AM to 12:30 AM. I’m sure some 2:30 nights will come though!

titanium load-bearing transfer flanges

I dont know if this is a joke or not, but titanium is not allowed. It is listed clearly on the exotic parts list.

I can’t seem to find an exotic parts list in this year’s rules. Perhaps you are thinking about last year’s rules? :wink:

There is no exotic parts list…As long as the material is available to all team at that price it is legal…So if their is a source for titanium load-bearing transfer flanges is available to every team at that price it is legal. Follow the flow-sheet.

wow… those are some nice computers! how did your team get your hands on those?!

LOL, you guys are so funny. Today we’re working 10a-10p. Looking forward to seeing your robot and all of you.

Thanks…thats me sleeping on the table. I guess the late night are cool if you have a plan. Otherwise, you will just sit around and do a lot of nothing.

We had our first late night 2/15/2004, we were here till midnight…it may not sound that late to ya’all, but to me its killer. Computhief263 knows i need my sleep. lol

LMAO, yes mary i kno how much u value your sleep. Altho maybe u should giv insomnia a try like me B-P

Note: that would most likly never happen…or would it * ETish x-files theme begins to play in the background*

Hehehe staying up til midnight is routine for our team (or should I say, for some members of the team)…for the last 2 days we´ve been up woking til 4:30 A.M!!! On Saturday night there was a sleepover at the school library and yesterday we slept in our “Room”…well at least I know who i don´t want to have as a roomate when we settle in the hotels at the New Jersey regional…Sn :o rE


i wish my team could have work hours like that then we could eliminate some of the stress about the time we have. we can’t have hours like that because our advisor has other comitments and lives about an hour away.

wow… all those macs… wow… to bad our school is cheap hahahaha… you all wouldnt mind if i stole one would you!!! =D

us too. never been in school longer than 10am to 8pm.
but FINALLY tomorrow we just might be able to stay in school for a looooooooong time. we need it too!

Is that actually a computer lab your building your robot in? And I thought it was bad when we build our robot in a hallway and cafeteria. Oh well, I bet I’m not on the only team hoping for our own room or space to call all our own.

we build our robot in our advisors class room. every week night after we finish up we have to pack things up and bring them back down to “the closet” which we share with the foreign language department. weekends are not so bad because we can at least leave the stuff out till sunday night.

That’s pretty much the same story with us. Except out “closet” is three small “rooms” that are just for us. The place where the picture was taken was the multimedia classroom that is used only M-F 8AM-1:30 PM

We use the welding shop however we still have to put stuff away because there are a lot of trouble makers in that class ex: welding pliers and or vise grips togather and just not respecting others property it is really to sad. :frowning: