pic: 6WD Sheet Metal

- 6’’ AM Plaction wheels

  • Modded AM Super Shifter
  • 18.5ft/s and 4.6ft/s
  • 1in ground clearance
  • wheels gets pulled back by a 5/16’’ bolt for chain tensioning
  • 0.125’'Al 3003 sheets for body
  • between 35-40lbs without battery

Looks like a good start.

In the past running the math on our drives, with 4 CIMs (and accounting for efficiency losses), there seems to be a large decrease in acceleration right around the 16.5/17 fps point. You should throw your numbers in JVN’s calculator and see if you like the performance.

Also, minor nitpick here, but why two different pocketing styles? It’d look a whole lot sleeker if it was all angles versus half and half.

I like the more “complete” design than is usually posted; battery box, electrical board, tensioners, etc… Attention to these details is key for a successful base.

A FIRST field is approximately 34 feet wide and 57 feet long.

I think Adam is right. Watch videos from 06, 07, 08, and 10 and figure what the average straight full speed driving distance is.

Likely you’ll find that your average driving distance is only around 10-20 feet. With your gearing, you’ll never come close to hitting top speed and you’ll get pushed around easily.

We’ve found 10-13 FPS to be the sweet spot in FIRST. Even overdrive rarely exceeded what that could provide because of all the traffic jams, etc.

I find it useful to see what speeds the best teams use for what situation…

http://www.team254.com/frc/robots :yikes:

254 shifts to a max of 14-16fps. 2008 being the only exception.

But of course consider their specific drivetrain.

The spread between gears seems way too high. You can do the math and figure out at what point you break traction with 4 CIM’s and a given wheel/mass combination, but it’s probably somewhere around 6.5-8 FPS. 4.5 fps is agonizingly slow compared to most FRC bots of the last 5 years or so.

Nice touch with the sides, I agree with the above post, I would like to see the theme consistent on the inside pieces, the sides look much more cool. I am sure, however, that this is not a huge worry. I like the overall layout, but I feel you will be a bit disheartened at that gear ratio. Good job, keep up the great work.