pic: 6X multiplier?

While practicing, we decided to see if the bot could balance two bins on a stack. Yup, it can!

Awesome! More like 5X multiplier though.


Risky, but a nice technique to keep in the back pocket if you’re a capper and end up in a match a slow or unsteady toter. A lot more stable would be to put 3 cans atop two stacks of totes.

I thought you couldnt cap with more than one can?

Per Section,

There’s no specification that it’s one Container per stack, only that a scored Containers is only supported by Totes.

The limit is for Litter in RC, not RC on Totes.

Note: They have to be grey totes. A yellow tote or litter underneath invalidates the RC score.

The thing with the limit of one is the number of litter that can be scored per RC - only the first litter in each RC scores. In 3.1.2, Litter subsection:

A maximum of one (1) LITTER will be scored per RECYCLING

If there were litter in each of those cans, it would be another 12 points.

The only other things I can think of that have to be single stacks are the auto stack and coopertition stack.

You can stack gray totes like bricks if you want - you might get some extra stability, but it would take longer unless you had a peculiar design for it.

Would this possibly not count as scored because the bins could technically be supporting each other?

From the Q&A:

Q.Can more than one recycle bin be scored on the same stack if they are both fully supported by the tote stack?
A.Yes, per Section, a RECYCLING CONTAINER is scored if it is fully supported by only scored Gray TOTES.

Q.We are seeking clarification for “A RECYCLING CONTAINER is scored if it is fully supported by only scored Gray TOTES.” A sideways RECYCLING CONTAINER can be scored where it rolls and contacts another scored RECYCLING CONTAINER on an adjacent stack. The weight of both RECYCLING CONTAINERS are fully supported by the scored Gray TOTES beneath them, but there is significant horizontal contact between the RECYCLING CONTAINERS. Are both RECYCLING CONTAINERS considered scored?
A.If the weight of both RECYCLING CONTAINERS is fully supported by only scored Grey TOTES beneath them, both RECYCLING CONTAINERS would be considered scored. Contact between RECYCLING CONTAINERS that does not support any of their weight will not prevent them from scoring.

From what I understand if the cans are touching they won’t count it for its not FULLY supported by the totes

See the post above yours.
Interesting. This could be a really really good strategy. In fact, it is, as it effectively makes a stack worth 5x that of just totes at very little extra cost.

The extra cost is rather significant - the very real likelihood of de-scoring all of the points of the first RC and maybe even the totes. My advice is to not try this in a match unless **both **of the following are true:

  • Because of alliance abilities or time, there are not going to be enough tote stacks to put one under each of your RCs
  • You’ve practiced it so much that you know you’re a good bit more likely to score than de-score (and I mean practiced with a scoring platform, not on carpet)