pic: 7 tetras!

From one of the earlier QF matches at Vegas

Actually, it looks like 8 tetras to me.

I do believe you’re right. :slight_smile:

But anymore and it’ll fall…

Sure looks like 8 to me. It won’t fall if pushed to the left when the next tetra is added (I think).

At midwest there was a stack of like 10:
http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/pictures.php?s=&action=single&picid=10781&direction=DESC&sort=date&perrow=4&trows=10&quiet=Verbose that was alot of tetras and could have kept going.

in vegas we had a match with 8 tetras just from what i saw, there may be others that were higher.

haha i just realized that pic is from vegas… 496 was there this weekend. what a dummy… no wonder it looked so familiar to me…

Hm … looks like I’m losing my mind. I guess I didnt see the 8th one being put on while I was grabbing my camera (or bother to get a decent look at the picture before I posted it).

Anyways, with that said, Vegas didnt turn out to be so bad. Lots of rookie teams, and I’m sure we’ll see more Vegas teams since they have a regional now. Hopefully 1388 will make it out there next year … we had to choose between Vegas or Atlanta this year (because of funding) and heh … I dont think theres a single regional that can top Atlanta :rolleyes:

Congrats to 987, 64 and 1527 for winning … you guys were awesome in the finals. (I actually got kind of worried when 64’s lift came apart, but somehow you guys got it going again). Its also nice to see a rookie team win … most rookie teams don’t think they’ll have a chance against the older teams … but sometimes they can be pleasantly surprised.

Oh, I think I remember that match. It was exciting. Almost like in Sacramento last season where all 4 robots were hanging on the bar.

There was a match in Vegas with like 6+ stacked on the center. I think it was one of our semi-final matches. What’s the highest anyone’s seen on the center?