pic: 70 Cube Covers for Regal Eagle Rampage

After slaving away and paying people to slave away I now have a full field of Power Up Crates and Covers in my living room. 4 tailors and 1 week later we’re ready for the field! Good luck to anyone on Long Island trying to find neon yellow fabric, I think I cleared out every store!

If you haven’t signed up yet - now’s a great time to register for the Week 0 ;).

$@#$@#$@#$@# that’s really impressive, I’ve known about the event for a couple of months and was wondering if you guys had placed some sort of bulk cube order the second the game reveal came out. This looks just as good though! (Probably better considering the inconsistencies in the actual cube covers.)

My team has been pushing themselves trying to be ready for the event, but at this point I don’t think we’ll be able to make it. Our sister team might though.

Thanks haha. I think the biggest stress in terms of my end of planning has been cube covers. We delayed a couple of days before considering the cube order, but I guess that was too much time of inactivity. Since we relied on about 4 different tailors, the cubes are a tad inconsistent but IMO not noticeably. We weren’t able to get exactly 600 denier either, but went off of what felt the most similar to existing fabric.

I wish we were able to push the event back one more week, but the only venue we could get had this as the only date available to donate for use. Otherwise we’d have to pay a couple more thousand to host it at a nice venue. Hopefully it’s a starting point we can grow from and have more time for next year.

We’d love to host you but we understand it is pretty early. It’s also quite the trek just to test out whatever you have, so I understand. I hope to see Iron Maidens there, at the very least - and maybe 1155 next year! I believe we are hosting it on FUN, so definitely tune in :smiley: .

Yeah no doubt we’ll tune in, especially if the Maidens head out to Bethpage. Best of luck on the event!

Have fun this weekend Regal Eagles! The New Ro-Bots wishes we were able to be there this weekend, it just didn’t work out. Send Z my regards, and we hope to see your team at an event this year.

Please let us know haw well the fabric holds up in competition.

Will do! We’re considering selling them to make up some of the significant loss after competition.

Approximately how much did it cost per cover?

Thanks Paulsen - hope to see you guys next year! Good luck for build and I’ll pass the message on to Z.

Cloth/Zipper/String and Labor totaled close to $18/$19 a cube.