pic: 701 Front and Back Chassis Structure

Painted with automotive paint and detailed with our branding as per usual. Didn’t have time to powder coat this year.

Not sure if we’ll even have time to rattle-can this year, but this right here?


That is beautiful.


As always great looking metal!

Was the design of those numbers validated using an FEA program?

Nice looking chassis.
Isnt it easier and faster to powdercoat then spray using automotive paint? We have someone on our team that paints cars and my dad used to also. The prep time with base coat clear coat is a lot more work.
What did you use? Just curious.

Is anything in FRC properly validated with FEA? Or even hand calculations? Probably not, the weight limit isn’t restrictive enough to make it worth it.

I would agree. Sometimes I ask myself when lightening holes really need more analysis and that’s mainly for transmission plates and high stress areas like a heavy mechanism pivot, if even that. “Make it beefy” is a term generally uttered by our CAD team when it comes to heavy duty stuff. We’re not building bridges here, so most lightening hole patterns are an aesthetic choice. The side of the tubing behind the numbers is solid and not lightened anyway, so it should hold.

We have a powder coat sponsor, but we got a bad taste left in our mouths after some questionable service last season so we decided to take on the task of painting everything in Frank’s 8x6 foot spray booth, so basically he’s the sponsor this year.

Although the process is faster to powder coat, it is quicker to have him do the painting and return the parts next day rather than having to wait a few days to a week for the powder coat sponsor. It’s also a great way to get feedback and keep in touch with the students throughout the process in case they want to put a word in as he goes.

Very nice. I look forward to seeing it in Little Rock

But does it have any nut on it? [EDITED]

The frame is riveted so we won’t need a single one…

Proper validation is possible if one can model the system completely enough. If what you are saying is true, the four years that people spend in engineering school is a total waste of time.

Maybe I should have put a :smiley: at the end of my last post.