pic: 701 New Pit Setup

Here is a picture of 701s new pit setup featuring two road cases.



Road Cases look great! See y’all in a few weeks!


Dang thats so crisp! it looks like the floor model of what a pit should be.

A bit of necromancy bringing this old thread back but I’m currently on the hunt for info on this kind of pit.

  • How much were the actual cases to build?
  • How much did it cost to stock them?
  • Are there any interior things that aren’t immediately apparent? Cool features?
  • How difficult are they to construct? Is this a job for professionals or sophomores with supervision?
  • Where can I find schematics and materials?



Oh so thats what they are called, I referred to them as 1678’s big pit box. Great cart too but does it have a place to hold water for every member on drive team? :wink:

I would also like to know.

Hey there creator and fabricator of that there pit, some quick answers to your question,

It was like 6 grand the cases were about 3k the work bench about a 1k and then all of the tools batteries etc, which you probable already have

We would pretty much take our mechanical stock room and put it in their, when in storage, those red and white bins were on the shelves of our shop.

Yeah I threw a mini fridge in there, there is a hidden shelf with the batteries, also it has LED underglow as everything else on 701 has.

I was a senior in high school who did it with two freshman rookies in about 4 months

If we did have a schematic originally it was most definitely abandoned, I pretty much made the whole thing from scratch, coming up with ideas, figuring it out.

If you got more questions lemme know, altho in college now.

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Thanks a lot!