pic: 701's 10 Victors

Yep, I thought we’d never get to the point of actually using 10 victors on a robot - but we’re giving it a go this year. Only 6 are used constantly during a match.

Would I be correct in assuming that there will be no pneumatics on this robot? :stuck_out_tongue:

Look’s like its gonna be a beast. Can’t wait to see it at Davis.

Mike C.

wrong, two I believe. and it’s currently running just over 100 pounds with a 4 foot hieght.

I think your victors are powering the air, or your scale is broken. That’s insane! give us a pic of all the thin-ness!

I agree a full-sized pic would be nice to look at, I’m just an alum so I can’t do it.
The bot is coming along great though, from what I saw this last weekend. Maybe if Green (mentor) remembers to take more pics he can find the time to post one for you guys :wink:

I saw it two weeks ago and I must say this thing was very well done when I saw it (I’m also an alumnus).
They are using some composites this year which helps contribute to the lightness. I’m not sure if they are using a compressor or not, but the two pneumatics are fairly small and light weight (used for opening the manipulator) so pneumatics shouldn’t contribute to weight too much.

wow you guys must now be using a ramp or anything else?

this robot must be really heavy using 10 victors with 6 of them being used constantly during a match…what kind of a transmission are you guys going with?

I believe they are using the banebots (?) transmission with 2 CIMs.
We are using a ramp type thing for the end of a match.

I hope those aren’t metal shavings at the bottom of the electronics plate (!?!)

haha they kind of do look like metal shavings >.<

hmm, wow your bot is really light then if you have all of that and a ramp

you guys should post a picture of what your bot actually looks like

Suspense is fun!! But really I just haven’t had the time and no one else on the team is into posting pics. I place a couple more pics in CD-Media that will show up some time on Monday. But to answer some questions already…

  1. Those are not metal shavings, it is a reflection from the camera flash of the fiberglass mounting panel that runs the entire bottom of the robot - very light!!

  2. We will have 2 Carbon Fiber ramps powered by FP’s - pic will be in CD Media Monday. The ramps are removable if we feel someone else on our alliance has a better ramp system. Two bolts and two wires is all we do to remove them.

  3. We are using the 2 CIM Banebot 12:1 Transmissions for each side.

  4. Why 10 Vic’s?? 4 of them power the 4 CIM’s for driving. 2 power our dual Globe Motor telescoping device, 2 power our Window Motors for our arm, and 2 power the FP’s which “kick up” our 2 ramps. The 6 that get the most use are the 4 CIM’s for driving and the 2 window motors that control our arm. With our bot in a down telescoped position, we can pick up tubes off the floor or from a HP and score on the 1st and 2nd rows of the rack.

  5. We have a pnuematics system which includes pump, 2 tanks, and 2 cylinders for our “grabber”. A pic of this will also be in CD-Media Monday.

  6. The rest of the robot? I’ll put a pic in CD-Media for you. We’re still doing a ton of software testing… PID on our telescoping section, Encoders on each drive transmission, smoothing algorithm to reduce stress on BaneBot Trans, and a Potentiometer on our arm. Last year was our first year using encoders and PID, and now we are running with it. This is our first year using feedback from a pot to give us better control of an arm. Luckily we finished the robot 10 days early to give us plenty of time to get it working right and to practice.

WOW!!!:eek: I thought that having eight victors was a lot. I have been wiring like crazy the last few days on our comp bot and practice bot. I would like to congratulate you electrician for his wiring job, of this daunting task.:smiley:

I never thought we’d get to the point of using 10 victors, and time will tell if we are foolish for doing so. We started wiring last Monday and finished Friday. We customized many “PWM/sensor” cable lengths for the first time, which is painfully long task.

congrats ^^

you should’ve seen our electronics in a third of a tool box. it was insane and the wired were all organized and everything. unfortunately there were issues about the “space” because everything was supposedly “crammed”. ahh whatever lol

i hope you guys have alot of lightweight material because that sounds like alot of hardware on your bot :smiley:

[quote=] 2 power our Window Motors for our arm


Any motor is variable speed as long as you change the applied voltage which a Victor does nicely (actually a pulsed output but that’s another story). You may hook it up to a spike if you wish, but then it either runs full forward or full backwards which is bad for an arm manipulator.

hey doug, i have a quick question.

if your robot is just above 100 pounds and at the 4 foot limit, what other materials are you using to shed off extra pounds that your bot has? such as aluminum, fiberglass etc.

our robot is at 108 pounds, at the 110 pound - 5 foot limit and we still need a pnuematic cylinder to push our ramps down, leggings for the ramps and possibly another cylinder to lift the ramps

any suggestions?

I know you’re not asking me but, I think lifting the ramps is unnecessary, since you would drop them at the end of the match. Leggings? how cold is it where you live? :smiley:

I think a lot of our light weight is attributed to prior planning and composite materials. Composites have a pretty high learning curve, from what i’ve seen. We were lucky to have a parent that was experienced with it. We also design light from the start, so most of the structural stuff is kept as light as possible.
We still often get overweight by 10-12 sometimes more pounds. The first thing we do is look for any un-necessary motors or mechanisms, lexan that can be replaced with thinner stuff etc. It is not easy losing weight. Cheese holing is probably the last resort, it results in maybe 2-3 lbs lost.

Nice, 10 Victors !!! Lets see, 4 in the KOP, plus six @ $125 (includes PWM and fuse) …yowza that’s $750 towards your $3500 limit. Hope you don’t go over. Very neat layout … good luck!