pic: 701's Team Crest and Vanden's School Crest Comparison

On the left is the team coat of arms that we will put on our 2016 shirts and our standard. On the right is our school’s from which we drew inspiration.

Wow Frank, that’s really awesome!!
I can’t wait to see this in person.
Hey, is there a chance I can get one of your T-Shirts? I wear a XXL, This would be my first “non mentored” team shirt, but I would proudly wear it!

Very cool!

It looks great! I wish our team’s school had a crest.

However, I would highly recommend that you find a way to get more contrast so that it can be more easily seen from the stands. Perhaps it would stand out better with simply a lighter color background.

Thanks! I’ll let Doug know.

Noted. Thanks for the tip. I actually realized this issue when putting the crest on the shirt design. In 2011 ae decided that we have black shirts instead of green every 5th anniversary of FIRST, and this year is the 25th. It really didn’t show so I added a white outline to the entire crest and it works much better.

Cool Team Crest. I especially like the old-school dial calipers. Can you work in a keyboard or something that represents the non-mechanical aspects of your robot?

Yes, more contrast, especially if your shirts are dark.

I wanted dial calipers since that’s the type I prefer to use. I tend to have a personal bias towards analog stuff.

What you see on the crest is what the class had agreed upon for its design. I did realize the lack of non mechanical representation on the crest last night, and I might do something to fix that. Maybe some circuit lines around the Viking head at the bottom would be an easy fix. We have to order our shirts today, and the crest was made very hastily just last night. At the very least we can edit the crest for the standard. I’d have to ask the students for permission to make such a change.

Thank you for the suggestion!

I like you. I have a slide rule on my desk at work for when the computer crashes.

Hope you and your team make it back to Lone Star in the future.

Lone Star was so much fun and it would be great to come back. Slide rules are so cool. One day I’d like to own a Curta calculator, although they’re pricy.

Thanks for making me feel old, Phil. My tool bag at the house only has a pair of vernier calipers; maybe I’ll upgrade to a dial in a few years.

I hate vernier calipers, they are such a pain to read.

Wait until you are 50+!