pic: 706 Lunacy Bot


a good bot, we didnt place that well at wisconsin regionals due to a disqualification in our 4th round. Dont let your human player touch a robot! Despite the rank we’re still like our bot, especially since both our drivers, lead programmer, and lead mechanic were all on their rookie year.

WOW! this is almost a twin to the Pink Team lol :ahh:

wow slick looking bot :slight_smile:

Very nice looking bot. Most of my team was drooling over it at one time or another at Wisconsin.

Is that a Lamassu? :ahh:

But in all seriousness, that a really impressive piece of engineering. I love the CNCed side panels (or were they water jetted?).

What’s the ball capacity?

15 balls, you can get in more if you compress them but we were scared of jamming the conveyor motors.

I was plasma cut and smoothed out with the blood of freshmen mmmuuuaaahhhaaa.Bruce

I was also thinking that the bot is like pinks twin. Collaboration??

Looks like pinks minus pink has a hopper option. And I don’t know if you have the same sensors.

This looks alot like Pinks!
Nice looking robot!

thats just plain strange, i dont even know where the pink team is from. hopefully we do have a few key differences because otherwise my engineering ego will have definitely taken a hit. right now the factors that i think would separate us would be

Automated conveyor belt using optical sensors
4 wheel crab drive with inverted front and back steering
adjustable turret hood
custom steering wheel (a pot hooked to the analog input on the driver’s station translated to give values for the steering encoders to follow)

Having a robot that looks like Pink should definitely not be a blow to someone’s ego, I would take it as a compliment. It looks like a great robot!

Pink is from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Yes, there are significant differences between their bot and yours, the most notable being the swerve drive. Pink is using a six wheel tank drive.

Even if there are resemblances, don’t let your ego take a hit! Pink consistently has some of the nicest robot engineering in FIRST.

oh im not doubting that 233 is a great team, what i meant by that is that i thought that we had a fairly original design. sorry to any members of 233 who took that the wrong way.

Good lookin’ bot! Just out of curiosity - You said “Despite our rank, we’re still like our bot…” Did you mean “we still like our bot,” or that you are like your bot? Is this kinda like the pet thing, where pets look like their owners and vice versa? Robots are like their teams? Be interesting to look into this further… :slight_smile:

I was really high on this bot ever since seeing it at Sussex. It’s a shame things didn’t work out so well. We didn’t fair well ourselves either…

Stupid orbit balls.