pic: 706's Electronics Board Top View

A top view of 706’s Electronics Board for this year’s robot, Fuchsia Inferno, taken 5 minutes before bag and tag! The robot uses 7 victor 888/4s and 5 talons for the drive. Almost all the wires are ran through raceways one the sides of the board.You can check out our release video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FEVn4QCnWk

Sweet and clean board layout…with the fuchsia glow…it’s just plain insane (in a good way).

That is a nice layout and a very clean design for the rest of the robot.

What are you using for the “link belt” on the front lift for the totes?

For your rear RC lift, you seem to be using plastic rollers at the top and ball bearings at the bottom, at least on one side. What advantage does this have?

we were having problems with the steel flange bearings heavily wearing the sides of the aluminum tube so we switched to the plastic rollers over bearings to eliminate this.

As for the belt, we are using a modular conveyor system that one of our sponsors sells.


Each link is made of plastic and is able to pivot slightly in its track to go around corners (or give some play when picking up totes!) The whole belt then rides inside of an aluminum extrusion. To mount the hooks to the belt we took off a few links and drilled holes through back of the link for countersunk screws. It turned out pretty well!