pic: 710 2004 side view of drive train


There are our forks… the zipties won’t be there during comp but we didn’t have the pneumatics hooked so they would stand up on their own :slight_smile:

Well this is a side view of our frame if youlook up top those big sprocket is our arm and then you can see the cim sticking out and as you look around we have hubs on our wheels those work very specific way

Looks good, now I see where those wheel modules come in. How much does it weight and how fast is it?

each wheel module weighs about 6 lbs, we haven’t done an exact weight of the bot since not all the stuff is on there yet, but we expect to be bumping right up against 130lbs. We should be moving at around 7-9fps.

What size and wall thickness is your frame material?


1" x1" tubing and the wall thickness is 1/16" in most places, but thicker in some places where it needs to be stronger. In some places we reinforced the frame by putting angle iron or plating it (i.e. where the pillow blocks for the wheels are)